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Inline Warehouse is proud to open its second store, at Silver Creek Sportsplex. Since 1994, we've become one of the largest retailers in the game. Specializing in roller hockey gear, we pride ourselves on having quality pro shop service with low warehouse prices. With an online store and a 20,000 square foot warehouse in San Luis Obispo, we are able to stock every piece of hockey gear you might need and then some. In addition, we offer ice hockey gear, fitness skates, roller derby and will be developing a lacrosse gear section.


Sunday 1pm – 9pm
Monday 1pm – 9pm
Tuesday 1pm – 9pm
Wednesday 1pm – 9pm
Thursday 1pm – 9pm
Friday 1pm – 9pm
Saturday 8am – 9pm
Inlinewarehouse.com Shop Roller Hockey
IceWarehouse Shop Ice Hockey
Inlinewarehouse.com Shop Fitness Skates
Derbywarehouse.com Shop Roller Derby



Phone: 408.440.3299

Email: silvercreek@inlinewarehouse.com

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We are located at:

Silver Creek Sportsplex
800 Embedded Way
San Jose, CA 95138