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We are pleased to announce a partnership with The College of Adaptive Arts, which now offers some of their classes at Silver Creek Sportsplex!

The College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) is a nonprofit arts conservatory for adults with differing abilities (disabilities). CAA’s mission is to offer diploma, certificate, and community-action tracks to adults with differing abilities in the area of visual and performing arts. CAA’s motto is lifelong arts education through exposure, experience, and friendships. CAA is continually forging community & business partnerships which illuminate the abilities and skills of adults through service to the community.

College Programs

Certificate Program: Certificates are earned through completion of required course hours and demonstrated knowledge; related class units are added to the student's course of study form when completed.

Diploma Program: Diplomas are earned when a 60-unit course of study, planned by the administrative staff and student/caregiver, has been completed within a specific arts track.

Community Action Program: Work opportunities and volunteer programs will be available to qualifying students through contacts within community and professional arts organizations.

photoSessions include the following tracks:

  • Acting for the Big Screen
  • Activities in Musical Dynamics
  • Art for Stage and Screen
  • Ceramics
  • Children's Theatre Touring Ensemble / Puppetry
  • Community Marketing through Video
  • Fine Art Techniques
  • Graduate Performance
  • Graphic Design
  • Production and Performance
  • "Showboaters" On-stage Touring Ensemble
  • Speak with Confidence
  • Storybook Spoof Troupe
  • Student Council/Leadership/Elective Wheel
  • Technical Production



For more information or to enroll

Please visit www.collegeofadaptivearts.org

or call: 408-384-8674


College of Adaptive Arts Spirit Squad performing at a Silver Creek Sportsplex event.