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Mighty Cubs

Give your child the right start to a healthy, active life! We start with parent/child classes focusing on basic motor skills, and gradually introduce soccer techniques, concepts and scrimmages. Along the way, watch your child’s self-confidence grow as he or she develops a love of being active and part of a team!

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  • LIONS — 18-24 MONTHS
    Focusing on basic motor skills, this class is full of activities and games to keep your child active and having fun. 45 minute class.
    (FREE** Class available!)

    ** Please note: Starting February 2013 each child will be limited to one free Lions session; additional Lions sessions are available at regular class pricing.
  • TIGERS — 24-42 MONTHS
    This class includes basic dribbling, kicking, catching and throwing activities with the parent involved. We continue to focus on basic motor skills. 45 minute class.
  • TIGERS II — 36-52 MONTHS
    This is a transitional class in which parent participation is recommended but not required. The class follows the same curriculum as Tigers with the addition of some more advanced, age-appropriate games. 45 minute class.


  • BEARS — 4-6 YEARS
    We spend more time on dribbling, kicking, scoring and other soccer skills. Children are ready for this class when they have a longer attention span and are able to cooperate with others. 45 minute class.
    In this class children continue to fine tune their existing skills as well as learn new ones. With small-sided scrimmages they begin to develop an understanding of the game. 60 minute class.

    * Private Groups - Private sessions are available to groups of 8 or more.

Cost (10 week session) - Classes

Classes per week
1 Weekday class
1 Saturday class
2 classes
Sign up for 2 classes per week and save! Please ask for details.
Your first LIONS Class is FREE**! Limited enrollment.

** Please note: starting February 2013 each child will be limited to one free Lions session; additional Lions sessions will be available at regular class pricing.

photoSession Schedule

Sessions Start
Apr 22, 2013
July 1, 2013
(All sessions are 10 weeks)
Sept 9, 2013
Nov 18, 2013

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Membership is not required; however membership entitles you to discounts on this and other programming throughout Silver Creek Sportsplex.

• One-year membership $100
• Six-month membership $70

photoSmall Class Sizes!

Small class size is always important for children of all ages to provide the attention they need to learn. We try to limit class sizes to 10, with a maximum enrollment of 12. Some children require more attention than others, so we reserve the right to limit the class size below 12.

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Mighty Cubs Policies

Free Trial Policy:
A Free Trial can be taken during any weekday class that is still open for registration and must be scheduled in advance. We are unable to offer trials or make-ups on Saturdays.

Make-Up Class Policy:
Missed classes can be made up during a weekday class, within the current session, and must be scheduled ahead of time. Make-ups do not roll over into the next session and will not be issued in the form of class credits. We are unable to offer trials or make-ups on Saturdays.