Customer Testimonials

Many teachers at other schools are very rigid and don't seem to care about their students. The teachers at The Plex really care about my son and how he is doing.

I have noticed increased self-confidence, discipline and appreciation for respect and timeliness. They both just explained to me the other day that it is disrespectful to be late and that we should always be on time! Love it!!

Both instructors take the time to understand each child individually and adapt the program based on the child’s personality and ability. I like it when you tell them that it is individual progress that they need to look at and not the progress of the other kids in the class.

My son in the last year has made a huge milestone. He is getting along better with his peers and participates in class a lot more. He has more of I-can-do attitude than before. He used to give up very easily.

We tried a couple of studios which I felt was not the right fit for my son. He seemed a little bored. He was not getting much out of it. The pace was very slow.  We wanted to find a studio that not only taught him the art of karate but also taught him the respect, discipline, and better focus to use in his daily life.

This is a very unique studio. They did not limit their teaching to just one style as many other studios do. My son was very excited when he found out that he was going to do learn several different styles

Because of his learning disabilities, my son struggles in many areas, but for some reason, this program isn’t a struggle and I know he feels good about it and a sense of accomplishment. ...this program has definitely been a very positive experience. He is still very enthusiastic and talks about getting a black belt someday.

The instructors are easy going and always make the kids smile. They are truly there for the kids and to pass on their knowledge of martial arts to them.