Elsa; Director of Hospitality and Events

Elsa is passionate and committed to providing incredible hospitality and the best customer service to guests. She is a connector who loves to bring people together. In and out of her professional life, she is always finding herself in the middle of planning fun and memorable events for the people around her. That's why professional event programming and planning is right up her alley.

Elsa has leveraged her experience working with different clients including years at the michelin starred Plumed Horse and casual Campo De Bocce in Los Gatos. Elsa can help make every occasion an extraordinary celebration by creating customizable events designed with guests' ideal experience in mind.

Guests who choose to work with Elsa appreciate her candor, caring personality, and sincerity. Seeing guests excited and having a great time together brings her joy and fuels her enthusiasm for designing successful personalized occasions at The Plex!