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Hockey Rules

General facility rules of conduct

Review our general facility rules of conduct.

Hockey Rules


A few highlights:

RHA uses a 5 dot system. All the faceoffs that used to occur at the “high dots” will now occur at the “center dot.”
RHA requires a “man down” when coincidental minor penalties occur. If both teams are assessed minor penalties, the teams will skate 3-on-3 for 2:00, as opposed to immediately substituting for the penalized players.
Shoot Outs consist of 4 shooters for each team.
For more information about the Roller Hockey Alliance, visit If you have questions, please contact us.

Puck Drop Rule!

During a faceoff the puck must hit the playing surface before it makes contact with a player or stick.

Hockey Jersey Rules Video

Silver Creek Sportsplex has put together a jersey comparison video to help you better understand our in-house hockey league jersey rules. Watch the video here.

Helmet & Cat Eye Cage rule

Our number one priority, in everything we do, is the safety of our customers and our staff.

We would like to highlight some helmet safety rules and advise you that non-certified cat eye goalie cages will not be permitted. Certified cat eye cages are allowed.

All helmets (goalie and skater) must be HECC-certified. You will find the HECC certificate sticker on the back of your helmet.
Helmet chin straps must be securely fastened.
Non-certified cat eye goalie cages are not permitted. See images above.

Any player found in violation of these rules will be taken off the floor immediately, and not permitted to return until the violation is corrected.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Herbst.

Wearing of Helmets

All persons on the skating surface when sticks or pucks are being used must wear H.E.C.C.-approved helmets with helmet strap properly fastened and full face protection*.

*Full Face Protection Exceptions:

Referees while officiating.
Coaches and trainers over 18 years old, while training/coaching, but not participating in scrimmages, drills or games.
Rink rentals – must be at least 18 years old with proof of a Secondary Insurance Policy provided in advance for review and approval by Silver Creek Sportsplex management.

Adult Hockey Rules of Conduct

In addition to the official Roller Hockey Alliance (RHA)/NARCh rules & regulations, Silver Creek Sportsplex abides by the following:

Supplemental Adult League rules
Suspension Procedure for all Adult leagues

High School Hockey Rules of Conduct

Scholastic athletic competition should be fun. It should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship and promote the development of good character and other important life skills. The highest potential of sports is achieved when participants are committed to pursuing victory with honor, through the core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness, and good citizenship. Everyone involved in sports programs has a duty to assure that their programs impart important life skills and promote the development of good character. The highest potential of sports is achieved when all involved consciously teach, enforce, and embody these values and are committed to the ideal of pursuing victory with honor. Parents/guardians, coaches, and the student-athletes themselves each play an important role in the sports experience.

These codes of conduct apply to all student-athletes, coaches, and parent/guardians involved in high school sports at Silver Creek Sportsplex. Download, print, and sign your code of conduct document and bring it to the check-in desk on your next visit.

Code of conduct – Students/Athletes
Code of conduct – Parents
Code of conduct – Coaches
Supplemental High School hockey rules

Thank you for your commitment!

Dave Inouye,
Hockey Advisor