Parties @ The Plex is your ultimate kids’ birthday party destination. Celebrate your child’s birthday at The Plex with inflatable bouncy houses, arcade games, field games, and more! Activities, pizza, and beverages are included in every party.


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How long is the party?2023-12-05T15:05:13-08:00

Parties will be at least 1 hour and 35 minutes (55 minutes for activities and 45 minutes for food/cake).

What is provided with each party?2023-12-05T15:05:38-08:00

We will provide equipment for activities, plates, cups, and utensils.

Do you provide decorations or table cloths?2023-12-05T15:06:04-08:00

Not at this time, however you are welcome to bring in your own standard size tablecloths. You may bring decorations within the following guidelines:

– No nails, screws, staples, or tape to attach decorations to the walls. These can damage the paint and leave marks on the surface.

– No glitter or confetti.

– No candles, fireworks, or sparklers.

– Do not allow children to write or draw on the walls with any markers, crayons, or pens. These can be permanent and may ruin the walls.

How much is the deposit?2023-12-05T15:06:23-08:00


What happens the day of my party?2023-12-05T15:06:49-08:00

You will check-in your party at the front desk in our entryway lobby. You will be taken to your reserved space, and a Party Coach will gather the kids at the designated activity start time. Catering will arrive 10 minutes before the activities end.

Who helps during my party?2023-12-05T15:07:23-08:00

Party Coaches will host the activities, and our restaurant staff will serve food and beverages.

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