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Monday – Thursday
$15 per 55-minute session

Friday – Sunday
$20 per 55-minute session

Monday – Thursday
5pm – 9pm

5pm – 10pm

10am – 8pm

10am – 7pm



Is membership required for Kids Corner entry?2023-12-05T14:49:41-08:00

Membership is not required; however, participants will be required to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. The following information must be provided: Child Name, Child Ages, Parent/Guardian Info, Emergency Contact.

Where can I purchase admission?2023-12-05T14:50:16-08:00

Admission can be purchased online using the link above. QR Codes are available for registration at our Front Desk, Hockey Desk, and Soccer Desk for your convenience.

Are parents required to buy admission?2023-12-05T14:50:53-08:00

Parents have FREE admission to accompany a child 4 years old or younger. A wristband will be provided to the parent upon purchase at the Check-In Desk, located in our entryway lobby.

What ages are allowed?2023-12-05T14:51:10-08:00

Children must be within the ages 18 months to 12 years of age to use our Inflatable Bounce Houses. To climb our Rock Wall, children must be within 5 to 12 years of age.

Can I enter Kids Corner with my child?2023-12-05T14:52:01-08:00

Parents may enter Kids Corner to accompany their children ages 4 years old or under. Parents of children over 4 years old may be allowed into Kids Corner during slower times of the day (typically Monday-Friday), or as long as occupancy is within max capacity. As Kids Corner gets busier and occupancy reaches the max capacity, parents (of children 4+ years old) may be asked to watch from outside the gate.

Will my child be supervised?2023-12-05T14:52:25-08:00

Yes! We have Kids Corner Attendants stationed at the Inflatable Bounce Houses and Rock Wall to monitor your children.

Can we bring food or drink?2023-12-05T14:52:44-08:00

Food and drinks are not permitted Kids Corner. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Kids Corner. You may store a closed, bottled drink in our provided cubbies.

Do you have lockers we can use?2023-12-05T14:53:04-08:00

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have lockers. However, we have cubbies available to store personal belongings.

Are there age or weight requirements for the rock wall?2023-12-05T14:54:11-08:00

Participants must be at least 5 years of age, and weigh 45lbs – 250 lbs.

Can I help my child on the rock wall?2023-12-05T14:54:32-08:00

Only a trained Kids Corner Attendant can assist your child.

Can I put a harness on my child?2023-12-05T14:54:53-08:00

We must have a trained Kids Corner Attendant to secure your child’s harness.

Is there a dress code to enter Kids Corner?2023-12-05T14:55:24-08:00

There is no dress code required to enter Kids Corner. However, please be advised that socks are required to enter the Inflatables (no shoes allowed in the Inflatables) and closed-toed shoes are required to climb our rock wall.

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