Adult Beginner Hockey League

Our Beginner Hockey League is the perfect way for any new hockey player to get a taste of how our full leagues work. The goal of the league is to help first-time players get a feel for how the game is played and to gain game experience. Each team will have a coach that is trained for teaching new players and will work specifically with your team to help you and your team grow into better team players as well as individuals. This is a Beginner League, therefore any player who is familiar with or experienced in hockey will be moved up to one of our standard adult leagues.

Important Information

  • No experience is required.
  • Required gear: Helmet with full face cage, skates, elbow pads, gloves, shin pads, stick. Equipment rentals are available for free from our Rental Room.
  • League cost is $90.00 per person.
  • Sign up individually and you will be drafted onto a team.
  • There is one exhibition week, 6 regular season games, and 1 guaranteed playoff game.
  • Game times are 8:15 and 9:00pm.
  • Games are 3v3 with three 12-minute periods.
  • Each team has a trained hockey coach to help develop players during the game.

About Adult Beginner Hockey

6 regular season games, 1 week of playoffs. Playoffs will be single elimination. There may be double headers.

Games are three 15 minute periods. There is a 30-second intermission between periods. The clock will stop in the last minute of the third period if the score is within one goal. In the event of a tie after the 3rd period, a 3min/3on3 overtime will be played. No stop clock in the overtime period. If the score remains tied, a 4 man shootout will commence and continue into a sudden death shootout.

Register as an individual, we will place you on a team!

Mondays: 8:15PM & 9:15PM

Per player: $90 for 7-Week Season (Membership is required)

Contact our Hockey League Manager, Austin Hansen, at with any inquiries.